ISB Enrichment, Clubs, & Athletics

After School & Enrichment

ISB's After School & Enrichment Programs create new opportunities for our Preschool and Lower School students to connect, share, and grow beyond the classroom. We aim to give all of our students an opportunity to participate in afternoon programming that is age-appropriate, engaging, and, of course, fun! For more information about ISB's After School & Enrichment Programs, please visit this page.

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Middle School Clubs

ISB offers a variety of after-school and free-period activities to support and enhance the personal, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth of our Middle School students. Sample offerings are listed below.

Student Council

led by Danielle Valenti

Students can develop leadership skills and learn about fundraising to help their local and global community. The Middle Student Council is comprised of four executive positions and eight class representatives. Meetings take place once a week during lunch throughout the year. They help plan fun activities and provide volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


led by Patricia McDougall

Students will develop their design and technology skills and use their creativity as they put together the ISB yearbook. Middle School students can earn community service hours for working on the yearbook. Meetings take place once a week for 10 weeks.

Middle School Athletics

International School of Brooklyn offers three athletic seasons for Middle School students, including two team sports and one individual club sport. This year, ISB is offering soccer (fall), basketball (winter), and track club (spring). The Athletics department aims to develop athletes who demonstrate good sportsmanship by showing respect to teammates, officials, and opponents. The ISB Dragons are part of a middle school athletic league called the MSAL. ISB organizes soccer and basketball games with a large community of independent schools, including schools from both Brooklyn and Manhattan.


ISB Dragons soccer meets for three practices per week. During these sessions, students practice various techniques that improve their ability to play soccer. Students work on footwork, dribbling, passing, strategy, and teamwork during this fall season. Team members scrimmage each practice, and games are scheduled with other schools for interscholastic competition.


ISB Dragons basketball meets for three practices a week. Student athletes run drills and activities that progressively teach the fundamentals of basketball. Skills that are focused on include agility, hand-eye coordination, ball handling, passing, catching, flexibility, conditioning and teamwork. Basketball can help develop cardiovascular endurance and develop both upper and lower body strength. Students have fun, socialize, and build teamwork. Strong relationships translate into good health. Exercising in a group also tends to lead to better continued participation. Played alone or in groups, basketball is a great sport to learn.

Track Club

Student-athletes have the opportunity to learn about the importance of cardiovascular endurance, such as their heart rate, running capacity, and how to maintain good pace when jogging. Different obstacles will be introduced to motivate and improve their abilities. A Dragons customized T-shirt will be provided to each participant.

Location: Red Hook Park

ISB Explorers Week 2019

ISB's 2019 Explorers Week was a blast! We tested our map-reading skills, travelled by ferry, subway and foot, and tasted a wide variety of foods and treats. We managed to pack in a week that included creative writing, bowling, urban farming, playing, films, gaming, dancing, and even a live music show!

Club Getaway 2018

by Richard Brownstone, Director of Middle School