Welcome to the ISB Library

Librarian: Maria Falgoust, MLIS (mfalgoust@isbrooklyn.org)

Associate Librarian: Eli Hetko (ehetko@isbrooklyn.org)

Looking for something specific? Our online bibliographic database contains all of the books carried by our library.



International School of Brooklyn's School Library seeks to implement, enrich, and support our innovative educational program through access to multilingual resources and development of curriculum; and to improve reading and research skills through collaboration, and traditional library education practices. The library also seeks to encourage reading as a pleasurable activity by providing a growing selection of age appropriate, engaging fiction and nonfiction, and by regularly presenting educational and entertaining library programming. The school takes seriously the charge of creating life-long readers. The American Association of School Librarians' National School Library Standards guide our library program.

About the ISB Library Collection

The ISB Library is located in our Learning Commons in the West Building in the lower level. The Library provides the following:

  • A trilingual collection of approximately 12,000 volumes.
  • Print and digital materials that celebrate the diversity of the world and challenges students to engage in the global community.
  • Picture books, children's fiction, folklore and fairy tales, poetry, and nonfiction books (including biographies, sports, science, art, poetry, music, and history).

  • A growing collection of professional development material, including subscriptions to School Library Journal, France-Amérique, and Teaching Tolerance.

The Librarian provides support to teachers and students around research skills and digital literacy and encourages parents to use the library.

Open Library Hours

Monday through Friday, 8am - 8:30am, 3pm to 6pm

Students accompanied by an adult are welcome to use the Library and check out books.

School Library Program

Pre-K 3 through 5th Graders visit the Library once a week for a forty-five minute period. The first part of Library class consists of story-time or a lesson, and the second part is devoted to book selection. The goal of "book pick-out" is to allow the children to develop their passion for reading and independence in a library setting by choosing books that appeal to them. Each child may check out books to take home weekly. Middle School students may use the Library during lunch/recess according to their schedule as well as before and/or after school.

Library Committee

The Library Committee proudly supports our beloved library with special projects, events, and maintenance assistance. Committee members may choose which projects most interest them.  This is a great way to get to know what is available to both students and teachers at the Library, and the resources that await them.  The Library Committee is spearheaded by ISB Librarian, Maria Falgoust, and ISB parents Regan Penaluna and Kent Matricardi. Email the library committee at librarycommittee@isbrooklyn.org for more information.

Library Committee Projects and Events


  • Annual Multilingual Book Fair
  • Multicultural Book Club: Promoting attendance, in collaboration with the Diversity Committee.
  • Book Processing Parties: applying preservation materials to paperbacks and hardbacks to increase their longevity.
  • Collaborating on the Suggested Summer Reading List for all grade levels.
  • Library Maintenance: shelving and inventory. Inventory can be done in sections. Please volunteer during regular time slots for shelving and possible self check-out training classes!